Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet Pavil - My new Friend

Good morning readers!

I'd like to introduce you to one of my new friends. We met at Costco. Ewww... that sort of reminds me of those commercials on TV where the guys are trying to pick up women at the breakfast bar of a hotel.... or there is a designated "driver" who isn't eating any breakfast. Stupid commercial... OK - new direction.

We got a new computer!!! Want to hear all about her?

Of course it's a her... she's wearing a sign declaring "widescreen". Similar to the one I've got pasted to my back "wide load". ::giggle:: Kidding!!!

OK -- the particulars. HP Pavilion dv9000. Whatever THAT means. Now you can Google it, I guess. I couldn't find her listed in the Costco web-site.

We got it at Costco becaaaaaause... they have a tremendous warranty deal. Best Buy is 1 year regular merchandise warranty, or you can buy one through Best Buy where the geek squad will work on it for $99. Wowza... well -- Costco has a 2 year merchandise one for FREE. Then if you use the Costco American Express card is it upped to 3 years!! Of COURSE we got the AM EX card. We've got 5 kids remember?? How do those relate?? Let's just say, when the Dr. says, "is your 2 year old using a cup by himself?" I say, "No way... that's too messy." It's sippy cups all the way around here. HA! I've even given a sippy to my 6yo. Although at the table most kids use regular cups... but ::sigh:: Ask my carpets... sometimes they wander.

What do I like about my new friend, Pavil? (I wonder how she pronounces her name?) Well -- I LIKE the wide screen. No scorn here. I hope she doesn't lose any of her girth anytime soon. 17" baby!! woo Hoo. I love it.

I'm still getting used to typing tiny. This keyboard is less then normal -- since it's a notebook. I've got me some "man sized" hands. OFTEN I've deleted several sentences with a few clicks of these mumbo jumbo fingers -- with out even realizing it. I'm thanking God that I don't have THAT bad of a memory -- that I forget what I just wrote. So -- I think my speed has slowed a bit... but going down from 90 words a minutes isn't all that bad. Having to learn where the end key and the pg dn key is -- slows me a bit... but it's worth it, I think.

Since our computer was 4-6 years old (depending on who you talk to and when), it didn't have all these fun little gadgets on here. I like the clock that Vista has. I have set up accounts for Dan and I, and 3 of the kiddos... we each chose a different clock. Coool...

It's FAST... super fast. We went from 80GB to 250 GB of memory on the hard drive. ::giggle:: I know... sounds funny doesn't it. While we were looking we saw that desk tops now have over 400 GB available. CRAZY!! That is a TON of photo storage now...

Oh - one other thing. My man size PALMS keep touching the mouse pad thing that rests ever so nicely in between my hands... I just highlighted my entire page with out even trying. We got a wireless mouse to go with this here friend... so that I don't have to mouse around with the mouse on the keyboards... but do you know... is there a way to shut off the one on the keyboard? You know... because of these thick hands that I have.

Oh... my dryer beeper is swearing at me... I'd better get up there and reboot my washer. (I know... lame... that's a flylady term). I got a bit behind last week.


Could have been the Tuesday Des Moines run, or the Wednesday Des Moines run, or the Tuesday dental visit, or the Tuesday library stay, or the Wednesday Pella run, or the Wednesday Activity Day, or the Thursday... whatever... I don't' remember... or the Friday "we got a new computer" day... or laziness? Did I mention laziness? or Saturday's grocery day, fill the rest of the way up with laziness.... that could be it. That L word. ::sigh:: No excuses.

One more thing I like about this new computer? The "blocks". I can fill in the blocks when an account is not allowed on the computer. I think I'm going to fill in mine 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. School hours... although... often times we use the computer for school... hmmm... Maybe I can write myself a note with these little cute post-it notes on the screen... "Are you supposed to be on here now Jennifer?" ::giggle:: Those little things are so cute. But I need to NOT be playing on here during school. Deal? Deal --

Gotta go -- I'm going to go send a TON of photos over to winkflash. They have free storage and $.99 shipping EVERY TIME you order... now matter how many you order. (good quality too) Ever use winkflash? Now THAT is another great place!! Oh I gotta go... Oh wait... look at that!!! 6 cent prints at winkflash. I think I'll stock up. HA HA!! Can't beat THAT with a dead horse... wha???