Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dan Didn't Get His Fill

He's going back. °Ü°

He and Mansel are headed to the arena to watch the K-1st graders wrestle. I'm pool side with the other 4, while they are swimming.

We have a late check out today from the motel. Did you know you could do that? You don't necessarily HAVE to leave by 11:00. That makes it nice. So the kiddos will swim until they are sick of it (I may be here a while), Wayne just came to report in. "so fun." Then we will pack up and we'll call Dan on the cell phone and he'll come get us. We are going to watch some of the boys that Mansel and Milo trained with this season. This small town community is fun for wrestling. Our family traveled to Chariton and Carlisle to wrestle with them after the Twin Cedar's season ended. Mansel was able to train with a 2nd grader that ended up getting 1st in his division yesterday. That was fun! has some photos from the tournament yesterday. We don't think we saw Mansel... although if you see a kiddos with the #56 on his hand, that was where Mansel wrestled. That was the size of the kids, location, etc.

We'll stay at the tournament today until Dan gets his fill, then head home...


It's a disease -- I swear.

Actually the NCAA finals are on tonight. Iowa is doing well!

What a week for wrestling around here.

Anyone smell chlorine? Yuck... I'm ready to leave...

Hey Kiddos... done swimming yet?

Yeah?? Nope -- I didn't think so. ;)