Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ahhhhh.... ::sigh::

Hello my bloggy friends. Ü It has arrived. The computer.

We went with the COSTCO computer after all. Those samples will get ya every time!! Every time. LOL

PLUS -- Costco has a 2 year warranty. Gotta love that deal. (Then if you use your Costco American Express card it is a 3 year warranty - WOWZA).

Only down side to this new fangled thingy-ma-bob. My printer is now too old. Well.... now... isn't that something? I've actually learned that our printer is one of the most expensive to have. Apparently Lexmark printers "burn" up a lot of ink before they start printing. All printers do that -- only Lexmark burns MORE. Nice... I've always struggled with the fact that Lexmark ink is just as expensive as getting a cheap printer. STUPID. So now... I guess I'll go get a cheap printer. LOL The best buy guy says HP printers are the best because you can always find good deals on ink. COSTCO has HP ink -- cheap. So... that may be the way I go... we'll see.

Hey -- anyone want a Lexmark x73? I've got one... full of ink. LOL

It's so good to be back to blogging... in my own home... with my own smells.

I have to go now -- because I have to write out my shopping list by hand. Can you believe it? It can be done -- it won't kill me -- it'll build character. ::giggle::

Ta ta for now friends!! Ü