Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baking Bread with Bekah

My friend Bekah came over this week.


I love friends... especially ones who will come over.

We baked bread together.

What a blessing she is -- I love to read her blog, The Beginning Farmer's Wife, it's very inspiring. She and her husband want to live out in the boonies some day... and they are practicing right now so they will get it right when it happens in real life. Well -- sorta. He blogs too... and gets paid for it. Lucky! (Yeah... I know... luck has nothing to do with it. He's a smart guy, and his blog is a good read.)

I like her personality, if she doesn't know something, well -- who cares, let's just learn about it.

So -- she started making bread... only I can do it better. LOL No really... I can. Only because I had a friend teach me how, that's why. So I said, "Come on over!! I have no idea what you are doing wrong, but you can watch me." I betcha 10 bucks she's figured it out already -- she's that sort of a gal. Could be her pan size, could be needing to add some gluten, or dough enhancer, or she doesn't SLAM it, or that she uses a different sort of wheat. Who knows... I'm not an expert... but she will be some day. Just because she can!

I can't wait to read about her success on her blog.

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