Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Project Fair Night

It's that time of year again. Our family participated in our Home School Groups Project Fair Night. Mansel and Tori worked on the Old Testament Tabernacle Model. We did that a few weeks ago with the My Father's World curriculum, so I decided to save it and use is as the project. Dan helped Mansel make the back drop, while Tori and I typed up the informational sheets all about the tabernacle. Tori and Mansel had to stand by their table for 20 minutes and talk to the adults all about it. Makes a mommy nervous. They did very well -- they could answer every question asked of them. Whew... Milo helped with the project too, at home, but he didn't have to stand there... he got to go scope out the other projects.

Which he did. He found his favorite. SPRINT CARS. Wow... neat display. The orange car was his favorite, he said.

Danielle said the chocolate chips cookie display was her favorite. This girl was smart -- bring along some SAMPLES... people will linger. LOL. They were good too. I know... I sampled.

My favorite? The BAT. This young man MADE this bat... from scratch. He found some wood in the old barn... and made a bat. Wowza... I was impressed. Rather menacing fella... isn't he? Funny kid... I like him... and his bat.

So -- another year -- another fair. My kids are already talking about NEXT year. I said.. MAYBE I'll let them chose their own projects next year... maybe... if they start working on them NOW... maybe they'll be done in time. We'll see. LOL
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