Friday, March 21, 2008

6th Place

The first place wrestler gets to take home the bracket. This shows how many boys were in the bracket. We think Mansel wrestled 6 times today. Some of the boys wrestled less... some more. The boys Mansel wrestled were key -- he pinned one boy -- who helped him get placed higher than a boy who actually beat him.

Here is our guy on the podium, on the left step. YEAH!

zoomed in... Mansel showing his wrestler's face. Crazy kid. Who ever said wrestlers shouldn't smile is CRAZY! It sure wasn't a mother.

Here he is icing his injury. I was thinking it was a sympathy injury -- nursing his wounded pride rather then his wound... but he really does have a bruise there at the nap of his neck... in his hair line. Poor baby. I'd rather it be a bruise then a *snap*.

I saw one dislocated shoulder... oh boy... that little boy was flopping.. I knew immediately he was really hurt. Good grief. Makes me want to quit being a mat-side mom. His dad was so calm... well -- what I saw of him anyway. I had my eyes covered and kept telling the kids... "don't look". 1 boy out of 250 wrestlers getting injuried...that's not too bad.

So -- now it's time for bed. We'll have to wait until I get home to show you some video. This free wireless isn't letting me load video tonight.

Tori keeps threatening to shut the lights off on me. I'd better get the other kids to bed.

Thanks so much for praying -- if you did. We had fun. It sure make the day go fast when you are winning. Last year when we came, and Mansel got pinned 3 times in a row, it druuuuug out and it was CROWDED. LOL

I didn't seem to mind the crowds today.

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Congratulations Mansel -- We are Proud Of You!!
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