Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's a New Thing

The boys got a new dresser in their room.

Like it?

I do.

I got this idea from some on-line friends who bought some that were similar in style at IKEA. I got mine at LOWES! That's what we have to do out here in the boonies... improvise. This is 2 stacked on top of each other. Woo Hoo.

It is so easy to use that even 2yo Wayne can use it. The old wooden dresser they were using was too OLD.

Some of the boys couldn't get the drawers open or closed. So the clothes would spill out and end up on the floor, no drawers would get closed properly, and it was always crammed FULL. You COULD buy "dressers" for every cubby and stick all their clothes in here. I think some labeling would be necessary if you did that. They come in all sort of colors -- now my girls want a new dresser. °Ü°

We put socks in one "drawer". Wayne puts his shirts in one and pants in another, because he is small and his clothes are small.
The 2 other boys put their good pants in one and play pants in another and then they hang up EVERYTHING else, even t-shirts. I LOVE this system. We still have another "dresser" they they use for jammies and underthings. I put diapers and wipes in it too. It's old and wooden too -- but has a cool mirror on it... so I'm keeping it. It's painted white -- so it coordinates will with the new cubical storage dresser.

Wayne can put his church shoes away now. Ü
He can also put his on t-shirt on... see the tag? Oh well... maybe he thinks the tags won't be so itchy if they are on the outside of the shirt. Who knows. LOL

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