Friday, March 7, 2008

Visitor 11,000

I thought I was going to toss balloons for visitor #10,000... well -- that blew by while my computer was on the fritz. Apparently people didn't much care if I updated my blog or not... they just kept on coming. So -- the other day -- I noticed I'd shot pass 11,000... oh HEY... maybe I can figure out who they are... Let's see... Domain Name (unknown) ISP Unknown um... location
continent: unknown
country: unknown lat/long: unknown
really?? they don't even know the country even. Hmmm... did you all notice I got spammed the other day. I'm wonder if this is JASON!! Hey JASON?!!! Do you live in an unknown country?? If so -- are you my visitor #11,000??? OK -- here you go. They visited Mar 3 2008 8:02:36 am. Does that ring a bell?? I was going to send you $11,000 dollars for being visitor 11,000... but now... since you are so unknown... I don't even have a continent to start looking on... ::sigh:: Maybe I'll honor visitor #12,000... maybe... if I'm in the mood. This one just blew me out of the water... so many unknowns.

Well -- thanks for visiting #11,000. Please come again... unless you are Jason... then you can just keep your comments to yourself young man. You were very rude hogging all that space like that. Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners?