Thursday, March 20, 2008

We are Headed to a Wrestling Tourney

The last one ever... this season.

Mansel is going to wrestle at the Pee Wee State Tournament. Last year Dan and I took him, alone. My folks watched the rest of the clan.

This year -- we all are going together. I've dug through our "summer" clothes boxes and found everyone's swimming suit. Woo Hoo... the excitement level is so high here -- you could probably cut it with a knife. Well... not right this minute actually, most of them are asleep. But just wait an hour -- then this house will be hopping!

The one person who is awake (me) is not all that excited. I'm still sick. I've got bronchitis. It's the silent kind apparently. I'm not coughing, but am running a low grade fever. Who knew?

So... I've got the camera ready -- gonna take the lap top -- maybe I'll post some photos while we are gone.

Last night, if you were looking, you would have seen Dan and Mansel watching tapes. Is that what it's called? They were watching video I'd shot of Mansel wrestling this season. LOL too funny... Mansel's only 8yo... but they are very serious about this sport.

While we are gone Steve is going to come clean our carpets. Now THIS I'm excited about!!! Oh.. I can't wait to walk in the door upon returning and smelling... FRESH carpet smell!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

Maybe when I return I'll blog about my blood pressure, my cholesterol, and my weight. Or not... hopefully when I return it will all have magically returned to it's intended state of perfection. Ya think? Even my eye doctor told me yesterday... ya got to get this under control. ::sigh:: I am taking my running shoes... I will be exercising. I will... I promise.

OK -- here I go. I've got to pack. why? Because I will still loading my dryer at 10:00 PM last night. I've got to now fill my suitcase. I'm last -- everyone else is done. How does that happen?

Ta ta for now!