Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dr. Laura about home schooling.

My kids are probably not the best example of well socialized home schooled children -- they sort of take after their parents... whom some of which... are not the most socially acceptable people on the face of the planet. BUT... that opinion aside... I like what Dr. Laura had to say in this article about Home Schoolers and socialization.

Yeah -- interesting reading. Now -- I'm going to go fish my kiddos out from the basement for a little socialization training. They MUST look me in the eye or else they don't get any free time... and it's back to the grind stone. Oh my word!!! I'm just kidding!!

I will admit that I've had this conversation with 1 non home educating parent. I said, "I don't even WANT my kiddos socialized to today's standards. I prefer the Laura Ingalls Wilder manners and social skills, if you must know." Several other government school moms were sitting by and they agreed with me -- laughing a little. But one mom -- she said, "You don't live in that day in age any more. That's not possible."

Who says?? I'm gonna try!

AND -- one more point I wanted to make to that mom... but didn't think of it until too late (that comes from my lack of social skills, I think -- I'm always thinking of something to say AFTER the fact)... she said, "My kids learned how to read when they were 3, by not challenging them in a public school setting you are holding them back." HA! I say (now)... you are REALLY a home schooler and you are probably holding YOUR kids back by putting them in a public school system. If her kids learned to read by the age of 3... who taught them to read... SHE did... and now -- they are all getting straight A's... they have MAXED the public school system out. How thrilling would it be if she would keep them at home... they would SOAR! It would be so exciting to see how MUCH they could learn at home... but she wouldn't believe me if I HAD said that. She was a staunch public schooler... poor kids. They are missing out.

Anyway... how did I get on that topic? I'm a little scatter brained today. Must be that public schooling I'm putting to use.