Monday, May 5, 2008


Have I mentioned that I'm a BzzAgent? No? Well -- I am. °Ü° There... that's the rules -- I have to tell you that I'm an agent. It's not hard -- you could be an agent too... just sign up. Wow... yeah... I know... difficult. Anyhoo... Once you are an agent -- you can sign up to BZZ things. You don't even have to... just if you want to. Then when you are in a "campaign" they give you free things and you are supposed to talk about them. Then when you are done talking -- report your bzz... weird language, I think. But I get free things. :giggle: I'll talk the talk, just hand it over.

Well -- I've bzzed a few things. Never on my blog...I don't think... did I ever tell you about my cool toothbrush? no? Well -- I got it free... so I could bzz it. I'm still using it -- aren't you glad? Especially my IRL friends... they are probably really glad.

I get to bzz Aveno POSITIVELY AGELESS™ Lifting & Firming. Which leaves your skin looking healthy, firmer and younger-looking, so I'm told. I'll let you know when I know. I get a free sample. A regular size bottle sample, I think. It's supposed to work in 30 days. I should take a before and after photo, shouldn't I. That would be interesting.

Hey -- look it
here... there is a free sample, a small size, I bet. Cool. You tell ME if it works for you -- but I guess you would need 30 samples... wouldn't you.

Well -- my next thing to Bzz...
Ziploc Big Bags. I have no idea what I'm going to get with that. Do you guys/gals use these? I'd think they would be slippery and not stack well. But -- we'll see. I'll Bzz them later and let you know. Bzz... bzzz...