Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NOT Free Entertainment

It was ELECTRONIC FREE... but not FREE!
What a fun time the kiddos had watching the sidewalk and drive way get paved.
Mr. Waddle and his cohort came and poured cement for us. It was April, but it was COLD. My kids bundled up in winter coats and sat outside on the porch. Front row seats for this entertainment.

They needed to swap out some boots - these are a sign of a hard working man.
I'm so glad my kiddos to go to see that in action... hard work. These men used muscles - but they were having a good time while doing it. Never once did were they foul or course in front of the kiddos. What a blessing. I don't know if these men know Jesus or not, but they got to see an example of a people working hard and having a good time doing so.
I love it when field trips come right to my front door.
The kiddos love that they get to ride their scooters and roller blade on the new cement.

We were glad the cement truck driver decided against committing suicide at the last minute. OK -- not really -- he was checking the cement level. Mr. Wadle decided at the last minute to extend our drive way by a few feet, instead of dumping it somewhere. I thought surely there must be a better way to check the cement level... but apparnetly not. I'm sure glad this guy wasn't top heavy.

Alls well that ends well!