Thursday, May 1, 2008

Premier Rubbermaid

This is not a paid advertisement... but I wish it were.

I shop at Costco. Have I ever told you that?
WELL... sometimes Costco has good deals. I think this box is one of them. 28 pieces of my most favorite stuff, for only $23 bucks. (Yeah... I know 14 of the pieces are lids... big deal) I bought some a while back and quickly refreshed my cupboards. Looks like I'm out of brown sugar.

HEY -- that leaves me not much for my drawer.

So last time we went, I got another box.

Filled my drawer.

After tossing a bunch of the old stuff, I think I had way more lids then bowls.
With the rubber maid jobbies... the lids click together. Isn't that handy? I love that the bowls are clear and I love that the lids are "rubbery". They fit nice and I can see what I have for left overs. See the black bowls in the back? I didn't toss those, because they cost me an arm and a leg. But I don't like them. I can't see what is in them. If they get shoved to the back of the fridge... they often turn into experiments. Science experiments. Gross!

Now -- my kiddos have 2 bags of "new" sandbox toys.
Every one is happy!
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