Thursday, May 29, 2008


Oh... just so ya know... the Majors are waaaay more exciting then the rookie league. No offense rookies. :giggle:

(Although - the rookie league is waaaay more exciting than t-ball -- which is over as of night -- whew!)

I'm having fun with this little league stuff. Who knew?

Have I told you our story yet? Tori is 12. She has never played softball before. I wanted her to learn the sport. I love playing softball. She was resisting.. I said "Who cares -- you are learning to play." I signed her up. I signed the 3 olders up, yeah -- I'm mean that'a way. I put on the top of Tori's form. "Beginner". I heard that they had a draft at her age group -- so I wanted to coaches to know what her skill level was. Well -- she ended up playing at the rookie level... which is one step up from t-ball. She didn't even make the draft. A TAD bit below her age level. LOL She was learning to hit and throw and catch with 7, 8, and 9 year olds. That was OK in the beginning.

Then after 4 weeks of practice, and a few weeks of playing "games", she began to catch on.


Last week an opposing team's coach casually asked, "Hey -- how old are you?" :giggle: She innocently replied. "Twelve." Hey -- she's no liar.

He just so happens to be the Little League President. He's a rule follower. Um... she got moved. Right up the ladder to the Majors. Skipping right over the Minor league.

Dan asked him, "Why did you say anything during the first game you played against her?" He replied, "Hey -- I thought she was just a big girl." LOL I'm only 5'2" and my husband isn't much taller.... we are not "big girl" material. She's normal... but since her skill level was beginner... it didn't click apparently.

Well -- last night was her first night. She did GREAT! They stuck her out in left field... ya know... cause that's where you put all your lousy players. She got hit to several times. I didn't get to keep track because I was putting in a 3 game night... I was trying to watch a t-ball game and her game at the same time. I know... not hard to do... but you know me... I'm not real coordinated.

Anyway... she didn't let ANY get past her. Good girl. Threw them all to first -- whether she needed to or not. That's what they teach them in the rookie league. "Throw to first!" What for? I don't know... but that's what she did. She did throw a few out at first, I'm pretty sure. So she did the right thing most times. We'll work on getting her to think about where to throw it before it's hit. Learn a little each game.

She got up to bat twice. First time... she got on base because she got HIT BY THE BALL!! Yikes... she's got quite the bruise on her arm already. But she's not faint of heart. She got up a 2nd time and she went down a swinging. At least she's not afraid. She missed learning some of the rules playing in that rookie league. They let all players bat every inning, and they let you swing, and swing, and swing, and swing, until you hit it. So after 3 swings last night... she was out... but she kept standing there, waiting for the next pitch. Finally the ump (who knew she was new) quietly said, "You are out, so you need to go back and sit down." °Ü° That's my girl -- never give up. ROFL!!

I'll tell you what. I can't wait until her next game. These games are exciting... people cheer... they give advice... ha ha... it's fun!!

I'm gonna have her practice pitching -- I bet she... well -- I'm sure it's harder than it looks... but my word... she got hit -- she couldn't do any worse than that!! I'm just kidding about that... she won't pitch, but she probably could!

One of the BEST things about this new team? 2 of the girls are going to be going to our church's Junior Girls Camp with her in a few weeks. They are granddaughters of folks who attend our church. Hooray!! What fun. I'm thrilled about that.

So... another night at the ball field... but it was worth it. Fun was had by all. Back again tonight for Mansel's game, then another on Friday night.