Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

This birthday stuff gets more and more fun the older the kiddos get.

Tori, the 12 year old, made me a present this year. I'm holding a make up box. It is a wooden box with a lid with HINGES on it even. She cut it out (with a little help from her dad), hammered it together, put a handle on it and painted it. It's it pretty? It's being used right now. Full of make up. Sitting on my bathroom counter.

Then her brother wanted in on the deal. He's the one holding the camera. Mansel -- he made me a bench. Hammered together some wood and painted it. It sort of falls over, so I have it leaning into the corner in my living room. He has set a precedence for himself... he once gave me some of his own money for my birthday... and I was pregnant. I was so touched by that giving of something that was his that was precious to him... that I cried... of course. I was pregnant. I would have cried over dog pooh, I imagine. Now he wants me to cry over EVERY present. And he can tell if I'm faking it.

Their daddy likes to make me cry too. I got chocolate from the rest of the crew. YUM.
These are gone... good thing we took a photograph. Evidence. Oh my... heavenly.

Oh -- and how well does he know me?

Let me count the layers.

Yeah.. um... 4. FOUR luscious layers of chocolate. Plus the layers of chocolate goo in between the cake layers... and the chocolate frosting on top and around all the layers. This man knows me WELL... let me tell ya.

It's gone too... but I shared it. Yes I did. It took us 3 whole days to eat this cake. I do believe that set some sort of a record. It just kept getting better and better. Gooey, moist, chocolate scrumptiousness. I have been walking/jogging with my friends some... and I now weigh the most I've ever weighed. Thing this CAKE has anything to do with it? :sigh: Oh never mind.

Thanks Costco... I mean Dan. °Ü°

It WAS a happy birthday. THANKS!

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