Sunday, May 11, 2008

High Flyer

We had a field trip the other day.
We toured the local small town airport.
We got to participate in the EAA Young Eagles Program. They will come in and give a child from ages 8-17 a free flight. How exciting. I took all the kids, and we got to watch Mansel fly.

The pilot did GREAT with the kiddos. He let Mansel hop up into the plan and get a great photo op. "Look Ma, I'm flying!" Ü

Then they all climbed in and took a 20 minute flight... for free. Amazing. Mansel said he didn't realize it was so hilly where we lived. LOL

We stuck around while everyone was flying, because at the end we took a tour and got to see where they stored planes, and worked on planes and fueled them up. It was a neat field trip. We drive by the airport many times going to and from town. Sunday -- on the way home from church -- Danielle said, "Look... there is the airport."

Learn something new every day.

Thanks to my friend Tricia for organizing these field trips for our group. She really does a great job! She makes our homeschooling experience so much richer!

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