Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I belong to a Iowa Home School Yahoo Group. Not a very active group -- but informative at times.


J-- a homeschooling mom had asked about area Orthodontist.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an area, child-
friendly, home school friendly, orthodontist? My son is ready for
braces and the orthodontist he's seen a couple of times isn't as warm
and friendly as I'd like. He knows we home school and he quizzes my
son on random facts, like he's going catch him not knowing the
answers. I suppose it's an attempt at humor or maybe his way of
trying to connect, but it drives me crazy. I just sense an
undercurrent of disapproval for homeschooling and a different
orthodontist would probably be a better fit. Thanks for any


Then R-- another Iowa homeschooling mom replied with this.


I am late in responding to this as well, but the office referred to
above with Drs R and C also has a third orthodontist named
Dr. K. He is very pro homeschooling because he is my husband,
and thus, a homeschooling dad! I don't mean to be advertising for my
husband but just wanted to let you know about that. He has told me
that their office sees quite a few homeschooling families and he
thinks it's great.


Guess what? Dr. K is the Orthodontist that TORI saw last week. YEAH!! Isn't God good??

So I replied with this...

HEY!!!! We just went to see Dr. K LAST WEEK!! (Tuesday) I had my 5 kiddos in there with me. Dr. K was sooo funny. He lifted up this great big huge tooth brush (a decoration) and asked my son if he wanted his teeth brushed. My son wasn't even the patient... he was just sitting and waiting for his sister. So Dr. K went out of his way to make us feel welcome and comfortable.

Small World.

OHHH... just remembered this. This was our initial appointment and he offered to squeeze in my daughter for the 2nd visit THAT SAME DAY... really saving us a lot of money on gas, since we live over an hour away. My dh really appreciated that!! He will be so pleased to find out he is home school friendly.

He was very nice and answered all my questions with out a bit of irritation. He has great... bedside? Chair side manner!

Thank you for mentioned this R.

I love the internet. °Ü°