Monday, July 23, 2007

T-Shirt Dresses Part 2

Deanne asked me for directions on how I made the t-shirt dresses that I made for Dani.

Well -- I was going to ask her if she could read my mind... but I didn't want her to get lost in there. HA HA!! Who knows what she would find. I didn't use a pattern. I'm sure I did the first time I made some -- or maybe not, because the first ones I made weren't near as good as these are. Not that these are any good -- but the first ones were horrible. HA HA!! They ended up being play dresses. Sandbox dresses. Rags, maybe.

BUT -- I remembered reading about how to make a t-shirt dress somewhere... I couldn't find it. I did know that Dana was a great seamstress and she gives very good instructions. I went to her site and look what I found. Instructions on gathering -- and pretty close instructions on how to make a t-shirt dress. She made her top part. But you could follow her instructions using a store bought top, like I did.

I bought the t-shirts at Wal-Mart, then cut them off about 2" below the armpit, straight across. Then I sewed the gathered material to the bottom, where I'd just cut. THEN I had Dani try the dress on to see how long or short I should hem them. I just folded it under and sewed a hem with the machine. Nothing fancy!!

Does that help? I hope so. Happy Sewing!