Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update on the Orphans

Remember our new arrivals. We think an owl took their mother. She never returned...

BUT -- they are thriving.

Here they are. There are 4 of them. Three of them must be identical... well to adults anyway. I can never tell them apart -- but my kiddos say, "No -- that's Susan." Oh.. sorry... Come here Only. **rolls their eyes** "That's NOT Only mom... it's Pretty Lady." Well -- good grief... let's get some collars or something. (Like I'd remember which color went with which collar with which name... that's why I call them all kitty!)

Who knows which one is which -- but they are cute. I don't know... all of these photos could be of the same one.

Green eyes... how pretty... This looks huge in this photo -- but they are so small. Want to see how small? Look how small they are wet.

A wet kitty... scrawny huh!?! LOL -- I didn't do that. Someone else did. He just jumped up on the porch all wet -- so I snapped his picture. How do I know it's a he... he's the only one named TIGER. Pretty obvious. ;) Oh man -- I hope this one doesn't get run over by a semi -- I think he's a keeper.

OK -- now this one has a brown patch above it's eye... but don't ask me which one it is. But isn't it cute??? Hanging off the stair like that - you'd think it was posed. No it wasn't... I've not got time to pose kittens. I was just snapping away... I was not posing it!! Was NOT!

Enjoy! Kitties don't say kitties long... then they are cats -- which I don't like. Unless they are really, really good mousers!! Then they can stay. °Ü°

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