Thursday, July 19, 2007

T-Shirt Dresses

Wal-Mart has summer t-shirts on sale for $2. If they go much lower than this -- usually the selection is SHOT. So I snatched up 2 for Dani.

Then I marched over to the material section -- which is still in existance in our Wal-Mart - Praise the Lord. Then I snatched up 1/2 yard of coordinating material for each shirt.

Then I got some matching thread.

So -- I spent $2 on the shirt, $1 on the material, then $1 on the thread. That makes this a $4 dress. Hooray!! Ü Not too shabby... too bad she doesn't have any little sisters to hand these down to. I think the red white and blue one she can wear this winter with a shirt under it -- probably. With some bloomers... wouldn't THAT be cute!!

She LOVES them... she chooses to wear these over her t-shirts and shorts. Hooray!! She's such a girly girl. I love it!
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