Monday, July 2, 2007

Poison Ivy Update

I am still scratching -- but not as bad.

Monday I went out into the timber to make a path through the poison ivy -- so that the kiddos and I could walk out and about there WITH OUT getting the itchy scratchies. Well -- I knew that if I were going to be cutting and trampling it down -- I would get that horrendous oil on my skin. So afterward I bathed. Nice warm, soapy shower!! Opened up every single one of my pores and let that poison ivy soak right in. Bummer.

Later I learned that one covered in poison ivy oil should take a cool shower -- keep those pores closed. Well -- now ya tell me.

Sunday - 7 days later, I noticed a poison ivy rash splotch on my left wrist. SMALL... smaller than a nickel.

Did you know you should NOT sweat -- after you've given the poison ivy free reign in your blood stream? If you do -- you get poison ivy every where. The first thing I noticed was after my 1 mile run, the rash spread down my arm. How odd... how could I have done that. I thought perhaps I spread it around during my shower again.

Then I gardened in 90° weather and the rash spread around my trunk. Well now -- this is ridiculous. I began thinking that I didn't have the poison ivy under control.. perhaps I should seek some counsel. I went to the Dr. on Thursday. That was almost 1.5 weeks after I entered the timber...

So now -- it's 2 weeks after I've been in the timber... and now the rash went down my legs some.

Prednisone is supposed to stop the itching. I'm praying it works soon. HA HA! It is -- it's not as bad as it was. But boy --

I hope this mess doesn't leave a mark.