Monday, July 23, 2007

We left town for the week-end... Did you notice?

My dh wanted to buy a wood truck. Ever heard of one? Well -- it HAULS wood silly... it's not MADE of wood.

He got one. Don't ask me the particulars -- I only know it's turquoise and it gets called green. Extended cab. 4 wheel drive. So -- when we go out this fall and chop down trees.. OK -- we won't chop... we'll chain saw them down... OK "WE" won't chain shop them down... We we go out this fall and WATCH my DH cut down a tree with his chain saw... and cut it up into itty bitty pieces... the rest of us can scurry hither and thither and pile it up in the back of this wood hauling truck.

WHY?? We are going to burn those pieces to heat our house.

So -- we went to MN. That is, apparently, where all the 4x4, extended cab, wood hauling trucks are to be found. We looked at 5 of them... I should know. Do you like how I resisted the urge to type haulin' there? You're welcome.

Well on the way THERE -- we passed a site to behold.

Want a closer look? ME TOO -- I kept hollering SLOW DOWN... SPEED UP.... SLOW DOWN... PASS HIM... SLOW DOWN... SPEED UP. Apparently this man's wife was yelling SPEED UP... SLOW DOWN... at the same time.

The was a FAQ sheet glued to the window. But the dental man used too small of a font for us to read. So if he is reading my blog -- I suggest you bump it up a bit. It's too hard for us to read going down the interstate at 75 mph. oops... did I say 75? I meant 70.

He finally got tired of the Iowan who never leaves her house gawking at all his dental parafernalia -- so he whipped out HIS camera and took a photo of ME! He must think Iowans are WEIRD.

Although... I don't have a bumper sticker that says, "I'm not WEIRD, I'm gifted" on my window.