Wednesday, May 23, 2007

INDEX CARDS -- they are a good thing...

I've found a new thing... now I want to share!!

Home school With Index Cards. This site is awesome!

First of all -- did you know you can send 3x5 cards through your printer? So COOL!!! I just learned this today - a bit late for my chore packs -- but hey -- information I can store away and use later.

But wait -- I think I'll be using it sooner than later.

I just printed off myself a set of Spelling Rules on 8 3x5 cards. I'm going to have my 11yo memorize them.

Pretty soon I'm going to print off a set of Roman Numerals on the 3x5 cards and use them as flashcards.

I followed a link, and followed a link to find this site today. So glad I did.

I hope you find something there you can use. I sure have! Won't my kiddos be happy!!

Advantages of using 3x5 cards? Cheaper than buying flashcards. Easy to store. Really easy to take school on the road. Easy to replace when the wild child chews on them.

Yippee!! I'm so excited -- I think I'll go back and look around some more! Won't you join me?

B.T.W. I'd encourage you to sign up for the newsletter. She just sent me a freebie today, ABC memory verses. For kiddos -- A memory verse for every letter of the alphabet. You know I'll be using that download. COOL! I've got some kiddos in need of memory verses.

I e-mailed Molly and said THANKS for the "stuff", mentioning that I was needing to head off to Wal-Mart for more index cards. She said that she WIPES OUT Staples supply of index cards when she shops. Ü

After a bit of hunting I found a link on her site for a Site called Home School In the Woods. They have some time line helps on this page. I'm a time liner... but I can use all the help I can get -- and here is a page that shows you how to do a time line with -- get this -- INDEX CARDS!! COOL!!

Sure hope some of this information is helpful to you! I love making new finds -- but I love sharing them even more, I think!