Thursday, June 14, 2007

As Promised

Just 1 short month ago, we gained a few family members. Here are some updated photos. If you want to view them larger -- click on the photo itself.

Momma and her babies -- all resting on a tipped over stroller. Must feel like a hammock or something. A change of scenery from the stuffy old cat carrier full of hay. Baby (the mother) with her babies; Tiger - M, Susan - F, Only - M, and Pretty Lady - F. Like those names? Only got his name, because he was the only boy... until someone investigated further... but it's too late -- he's named. LOL


They are CUTE aren't they. Tiger practicing his crouching before pouncing skills.

Really, really cute! Pretty Lady -- just being pretty -- that's all.

Here's a prayer request... Tori hasn't seen the mother in 2 days. Eekk... that's not a good sigh. She said the kitties are eating the cat food -- whew... but I think they are too young to be with out a mother. She's not being very responsible... leaving with no notice and no kitty care.
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