Monday, October 20, 2008

Why I Use An Absentee Ballot

I know this is an unpopular choice sometimes... but I really do prefer to use an absentee ballot for elections.

Can you guess why?

Because of the Judges.

When you go into our booth to vote -- you may pull down the Straight Party Voting lever... or you may not. You may choose to write in a few candidates names... just to keep things exciting. I voted for my husband this year... I wrote him in as an Indiana Township Trustee. So I never go the straight party route -- BUT... if you do -- you STILL have to vote on... the -- JUDGES.

That's RIGHT. The Judicial Ballot.

This year --we Iowas are voting on 3 Supreme Court Judges. and 3 Court of Appeals judges. I'm also voting on 2 District 5A Court judges.

Do the names Daryl Hecht, or Terry Huitink or William Joy ring a bell? NO?? Well -- of course not... we know nothing about judges. And they are NOT to be partisan. (pppsssshaw) So you can't vote down the party line on the judges. You MUST be informed before you ever go in there on how you will vote. Well -- if you are like me and you don't even know WHEN a judge will be on the ballet, let alone how that judge... thinks... you will be voting UNEDUCATEDELY. It's a word... look it up.

Side Note: We are also voting on changing some constitution wording from "idiot and insane person" to something much more nice and less offensive. HA HA... I'm so offensive. I voted NO -- I like the words idiot and insane. I use them all the time. What's wrong with that?

Never mind... let's get back on topic. I hope I didn't offend all the idiots and insane readers today. Sorry...

OK -- so I vote with an absentee ballot... open it up -- get my blue ink pen and turn the ballot over -- yep -- they are so important they are clear over here on the back... then I google Iowa Judicial Ballot.


Look at what I found.

Judicial Retention Elections This here document says... What makes a good judge?

  • Integrity—honest, upright and firmly committed to the rule of law
  • Professional Competence—keen intellect, exercises good judgment, extensive legal knowledge and strong writing abilities
  • Judicial Temperamentneutral, (HA!) decisive, respectful and composed
  • Experience—strong record of professional excellence
  • Service—committed to public service and the administration of justice
Hey - they missed... "They can READ the constitution." LOL What makes a good judge? A good judge is one that DOES NOT MAKE LAW!! OK -- so, they didn't ask my opinion. Judicial Tyranny... it is too a word... look it up.

But that page also includes a few links.

The Iowa State Bar Association Judicial Publiscite evaluates each judge on the ballot on a wide range of attributes. The results of this evaluation are available online at one month prior to the general election.

Well - it's NOW one month prior to the general election. Yippee... let's see what they have to say.

You can also go here to find out most recently "opinions". It has several links you can follow to find interesting information, BEFORE voting.

In the past, I haven't always been able to find a lot of information about judges, or haven't been able to interpret it very well... so I have considered WHO APPOINTED THEM. Hmm...

There is a survey out there, published on the NEWS ROOM -- of what the LAWYERS think of the judges. Interesting reading. Depends upon how liberal or Conservative the lawyers are if this is helpful or not.... but still good information to get hold of. ONE of the judges -- only 77% of the lawyers think she should be retained. Hmm... very interesting.

So fellow voters -- especially you Iowa readers -- grab your judicial retention voters guide, and a cup of java, and put your feet up and read a while.

Remember -- Judges do NOT have a RIGHT to be retained... especially if they don't deserve it.




LOL -- I'm just kidding about that last one!!

Did I get them all in there?$FILE/2008%20Judicial%20Plebiscite.pdf

I think so... happy reading.