Monday, October 27, 2008

OH I've been Tagged Again!

Dangit Ange tagged me... it's a really pretty looking tag... don't you think? YOU should READ her post... she's a funny gal. I LOVE her blog! (it's pretty too). And don't you know it? The day after I download Picasa so I can do photos pn my blog again... I can now use the image button again. Hmmm... Weird.

What a nice segway into this post... 7 Weird Facts.

I'm pretty sure I did this already. Does that mean 7 MORE weird Facts? People must think I'm a pretty weird person. Well -- I guess it does say some RANDOM or WEIRD... maybe some of these will be random

Here goes...

1. I secretly love stoking the fire. We heat our house with a wood furnace. I'm so excited that it's cold. Ü :giggling like a pyromaniac: Pyro is Greek for FIRE! Maniac is something for idiot or insane. LOL I'm teasing about all that... Well not the giggle part, or the loving to stoke the fire part. FIRE FIRE

2. I can't wait until Tori starts basketball practice. I really LOVE taking her into town each day and then getting to exercise there while waiting. I like getting out of the house each day. I like having a set time each day when everything has to be done and put away. (That's really 3 or 4 facts... probably more than you really needed to know... sorry).

3. When I exercise at home... I exercise in my jammies... or sometimes I wear my exercise clothes to bed. It often confuses the kiddos. I put on my exercise clothes at church on evening. Danielle exclaimed when she saw me, "Mommy -- why are you in your jammies?" LOL Oh... confusion can be hysterical at times.

GOOD GRIEF... 7 things??

4. I get to spear head the Children's Christmas Program at church -- I can't wait. I love doing stuff like this at church. I love being at church. I love getting to know the children better. I love working with the Sunday School teachers. I love to hear children singing well. YEAH!!

5. I like to iron. If I could... I'd gather up all the wrinkly clothes in the house today and iron all day long. I have a t-shirt folder that I use to fold my shirts. On good days I fold them and line them up on the shelf -- dress right dress. The washing and folding and putting away on busy days... I don't much like.

6. The sound of rain on the roof makes me want to curl up with a blanket on the couch and watch old movies all day. Unless I'm in the garage -- which is a metal barn -- then it makes me want to run inside out of the cold wet rain away from that insensate pounding.

7. I want my children to be good athletes because I'm afraid they are suffering academically because of me.

8. Oh WAIT!! I'm done... Hooray!! Ü

Ok -- who is next. Let me go find 7 friends. Beth -- I wish you blogged... I'd tag you right here and right now... Get thyself a blog! Imagine all the fun day care photos you could put on there. LOL The parents would LOVE to see their kids on the screen. Really -- they would!! (Well... I would if I were them). Just Do It!








You know what I love about that list? They are all readers of my blog... and they are varied and diverse. How neat! They are not all home educators, not all from Iowa, not all from my favorite message board HearthKeepers, and not all mother of many siblings, not all my cousins. COOL! Thanks for reading readers... now TAG -- YOU'RE IT!! (Did I use that apostrophe correctly Angela?)