Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning

All is quiet.

I can hear Wayne waking up.

We all sleep on the 2nd floor. The boys bedrooms is right above the Den - where I'm currently sitting and typing.

Wayne is sucking his thumb and rocking in his bed. He's waking himself up. He also rocks at night to put himself to sleep. Tori said she tried that the other day -- the rocking, not the sucking of her thumb. She said it's hard work and it didn't put her to sleep. He's been rocking for years... I wonder when he'll grow out of it.

Milo turned 7 this week... I'll blog about his birthday later... but he reminded me that I would have to get rid of his blanket now. He has 2 that are identical... so he's been using a blanket to fall asleep for 7 years, but now he is determined to not use it anymore. I said, "No more sucking your thumb after you are 7." Apparently I'm a woman of my word, or at least he has been led to believe that. He brought me his blankets. We'll have to see how the thumb sucking goes. I offered Danielle a prize when she stopped sucking her thumb. She stopped herself in 1 week at the age of 4. Her thumb sucking was bothering her teeth. Milo's isn't. I wonder what he'll want as a prize.

We've noticed a difference in Danielle's teeth in photos since she has stopped sucking her thumb. Interesting.

I don't hear Tori or Danielle up yet.

I've got to get up from here and make tator tot casserole. Tator Tots, Hamburger, green beans, cream o'soups and sour cream on top of all that... topped with -- oops... I don't have those fried onion things... hmmm... I'll have to top it with cheese. I use a HUGE casserole pan, then we eat the left overs after church tonight for supper.

I need to talk to Pastor about our Children's Christmas Program. I get to spear head that this year. I'm excited.

I'm going to talk to Danielle's Sunday School teacher about her inquiring about salvation this week.

I get to stand up with my family and SING GLORY TO GOD. I love Sundays. Ü

Here we go!! the Calm before the storm. Are Sundays like that around your house? I do try to be organized. All the kiddos were bathed last night, but Tori, and they ALL have their Sunday clothes laid out. Shoes seem to be a problem on Sunday Mornings... I forgot to have them lay out their shoes last night. So -- I guess I'll get breakfast going early -- so they can all brush their teeth and find their shoes after they eat.

It's cold cereal and bananas on Sunday Mornings. We got through 1 entire box of cereal. We could go through 2 boxes, if I'd let them. LOL


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