Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Prayer Request of the Day

Dani got bit.
Bit by the gastrointestinal distress bug.

She thinks she got it from Wayne, whom she was sitting by, when he vomited in the van on Sunday evening.
She may be right.
So -- does that mean Tori will get it -- since she was laying in the same room as Danielle when she vomited in the night time?

I'm praying NOT!
Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktails for everyone!

Stop reading here if you if you don't like being grossed out.

Oh -- you have a strong stomach? OK -- here goes.

I recently read on Jenn's blog about her slipping in some vomit in her hallway.

GROSS!! I thought.

Well -- yeah... it really is gross. Ask me how I know.

Apparently Danielle got sick en route to the bathroom in the night time... then had such a servant's heart... she didn't want to wake her mother from her sound sleep... so she just went back to bed. I reviewed the vomiting in the night time rules with everyone!

Well -- several hours later... after the vomit and the rest of us sleepy heads had gotten cold... I woke up. Oh -- time to stoke the fire. I always head to the powder room -- to... um freshen up before going to my nightly meeting with the furnace. After that impromptu meeting I turned right to head down to the furnace... splat! My WORD??? What was that? LORD-- let it be water. Please let it be water!

Nope. It wasn't.

Another ACV cocktail anyone?
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