Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Prayer Request

Ok -- can I have more than 1prayer request a day? I'm not sure... if not -- write this one day for tomorrow.

I have been battling a sinus infection for weeks. I believe... when I went to the dr. the first time I told them it had been 3 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago. I have visited the doctor 2 times for this, and called them on the phone once in between that.

Today -- I'm taking Levaquin (500mg), which runs $13.84 a pill, and last night I started taking Prednisone(10mg), a steroid. Trying to fight this thing off. The doctor I saw yesterday said he recently sent another patient who was battling a resistent sinus infection to an ear nose and throat specialist. They performed a cat scan to verify it was indeed a sinus infection, then continued her on the Levaquin, and added a steroid. So - he's hoping I can avoid the speciliast and just defeat it this route. That's my prayer too!

He also suggested I restart doing the saline flush... only quit being wimpy about it and lean my head WAY back and get that stuff CLEAR BACK THERE. Oh sigh. OK...

THEN... last night I read my direction that came with my new meds. It said, "Avoid people who are sick, as your immune system will be depressed." um... today Danielle has the vomits. Hmm...

AND... you know what?? I've got a friend who's children have the chicken pox. Do you know how rare that is? I soooooo want to take my children to her house. But I won't be. Chicken pox was a specific illness listed to try to avoid. Oh BUMMER!!! My one and only chance to get my kids sick with chicken pox and "they" say to avoid it. What do you think? Should I? I have already had the chicken pox. Could there be a chance I could get that or something else from it while taking this steroid? I really, really want my childrne to have the chicken pox disease instead of the inoculation. I know -- I'll put this in God's hands. ?This friend runs in similar circles as I do. Hopefully someone else will get it... then my kids can get it in 2 weeks when I'm done with this medicine, and done with my sinus infection. Sound good? Good.

Now -- God's will be done.

(Easeir said then done.)

I'll be done blogging for today. I've got stuff to do. One of which is spraying anything and everything with bleach water! KILL THEM GERMS!