Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do I Smell Like Garlic?

How is it that I can get a sinus infection with no runny/stuffy nose? I've ran a low grade temp for 3 weeks. Never above 99.9°. But that is enough to make me want to nap in the afternoon and feel a bit achy in the evenings.

WHY I wait so long to do this, I'll never know... but last night I broke open my garlic and took down my big jar of chewable vitamin C. Can you smell me? LOL I'm hoping to kill this sickness... kill it dead.

I've got to go -- Danielle just came to ask me about getting saved. First things first.

p.s. Well -- we got the process started.

Several days ago Danielle asked me about praying for salvation. Since she is only 5, just turned 5 in September, I tend to be cautious with this at such a young age. Tori and Mansel were both saved at a young age, but Milo is still not saved, and he's almost 7. So when Danielle asked several days ago I said, "You go talk to God about this and we'll talk about it later." Then I begin to pray fervently... "Lord - if this is you calling her and not outside influence, please send her back to me." Today she came back.

I read through several scriptures in Roman, 1Cor., and Acts with her. She could explain the process to me in 5 year old terms. She told me the only sinless people were Jesus and Noah. Hmmm... Noah? So we talked a bit about Noah. Then I asked her if she wanted to pray, she said, yes... then wasn't sure what to pray about, so we talked about that a bit, then she started crying. She shut down. So... I started praying silently... I just felt like we should continue our talk another day. So I explained to her that SHE had to do the praying and not me, and she should go play and talk to God some more until she is ready.

You can bet your boots I'm still praying.