Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'VE WATCHED! FIREPROOF - Never Leave Your Partner Behind

If you are married, or you aren't. If you are thinking of getting married, or you aren't. If you have ever been married, or are never planning on getting married. In fact, if your parents or grandparents were ever married, or not... YOU should go see the movie FIREPROOF!!

It's that amazing.

My dear dear husband called me up yesterday and said, "Hey -- do you have anything on the calendar for tonight?" I plodded into the kitchen... very Eeyore like and replied, "Nooope... nothing on the calendar."

How about a date? Oh... my ears perked up -- do Eeyore's ears ever perk? I think I became Tiger quit quickly! I'm so pathetic. Oh a date, a date, a date, boing, boing, boing!!

Just a hint... grab a bunch of napkins when you buy your popcorn -- you might need them.

Oh yeah... it's that good!!