Thursday, August 9, 2007


A wise old owl
Sat in an oak
The more he heard
The less he spoke
The less he spoke
The more he heard
Why can't we all
Be like that wise old bird?

I recently found a web-site that I think is very interesting. Lifestyle Homeschool. One of the GREAT things I found there was Character Education. My dh and I have been discussing this recently. As we are raising these kiddos that we've been blessed with -- what is the most important?

We are fortunate to have met several people in our walk of life, from different background, different social circles, different educational styles. As we were talking last night... we mentioned that there are some who thing they are RIGHT ON... but we don't necessarily agree with them. It is very important to them that their kiddos are educated - but on this certain way - and they are pushing them academically ... but we think they are missing the boat heart wise. In fact... several time their kids have been mean to our kids. We think that shows their true heart feelings. Several of their kiddos have "jumped ship", as a popular author recently wrote about. Maybe not totally out of the boat -- but they aren't walking the same path as their parents. They seemed to have rebelled against what they parents think is important. Do we want our kiddos doing that?

We are searching for something right now... on a journey together... and when we find it -- I'll post about it.

But as we go we are talking about what is important to us. Is it children's programs -- advanced academics -- sporting events -- well roundedness??? Or is it CHARACTER. Loving the unlovely. Reaching out to others to tell them about Jesus? We are looking at what path we are walking on.

I don't think it was just chance that I stumbled across this site today, after to talking to my dh about our children's character last night. I love how God works that way. I call it a God thing. Ü

I'm getting ready for school. We will be starting in September -- after the Holiday. I know one thing. I'll be adding character training to our schedule.

When you show character,
people begin to respect you...
After time, that respect grows into trust...
After time, that trust builds a relationship...
When you have relationships with people
you have influence into their lives...
Influence is leadership.

This is a quote from the Lifestyle Homeschool Web-site, and after reading that, I've decided, I want my children to be leaders!