Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paper Back Swap News

Did you see this??? Hooray!!!

Paper Back Swap is going to celebrate their 3rd birthday. They thought about sending cake to all of us members.... but decided in stead to give us all a party favor. How EXCITING!! This I can hardly wait for. I've asked for it several times.


And here's your party favor: Printable Postage!

This is the single most-requested feature in the club. We are beta-testing this feature now, and hope to have it fully functional and ready for release to the general membership soon. Printable postage means:

* You will be able print out Postage + Delivery Confirmation right from your printer to wrap and send your packages.

PBS Delivery Confirmation is the only way to get Quick Credit or to guarantee your credit if your package is lost or mis delivered.

* No more trips to the PO!

The new USPS regulations requiring packages 13 ounces or over to be sent from the PO will not apply to packages you send with printed postage. (Only packages bearing postage stamps for postage are affected by this regulation.)

* No more high monthly fees to other online postage sites.

PBS Printable Postage will be inexpensive and easy to use!

So everyone go buy a good reliable scale (we will soon be stocking them in the PBS Store) and get ready. More details to come....

I've already got the good reliable scale. Woo Hoo!!!