Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Things I'm Hearing Said This Week

"Mom, when is Tori going to be here?"

"So -- how many days until Friday?"

"What day is it?"

My oldest, right hand man, lunch cooker extraordinaire is at Jr. Camp. Oh me!! I miss her, but apparently her siblings may miss her even MORE!! I found one of them crying, and I'll not name names, because he wouldn't admit it, but his little sister narked on him and said, "Milo is crying because he misses Tori," oops... I did it, I spilled the beans.

You should see these little tykes... they are moping around... looking bored, asking to watch TV - well that's normal, I guess... but really looking forward to Friday. Even Mansel, who is almost 8 and really hates to admit that he loves his sister, and misses her, misses her. Ü

2.5 days and counting!!

You are the best nose hole taper opener we know!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY VICTORIA! I can call her that -- because she isn't home to whack me on the arm for doing so.