Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Thank You Is In Order

I have Really Won this time!! REALLY!!!

Have you seen this beautiful jewelry? I followed a link from the Pioneer Woman Blog... to this site, Charmed Designs, where Dana makes and sells the most awesome jewelry.

Did you go see what I've won? WOWZA!!! I'm thrilled. You KNOW that this gets her free advertising... because I'm ranting and raving about how thrilled I am -- but really -- I love bracelets. I do -- my favorite one just snapped something this week-end... so I may have just gotten a new favorite! Ü

She sells on e-bay too... so I've saved her as a favorite seller... You know you can do that -- don't you? So every time she lists something new... you can get an e-mail about it. Yeah -- let the bidding begin! (Well -- not today, since there isn't anything listed... but save it anyway!)

This is a neat blog to save too -- go back at least once a month, if not more -- she has a once a month club. What a neat idea! When I see cool bracelets, I think, "OH... I could make that." But you know -- when I try -- it looks like the kindergarten class got loose in the bead aisle at Wal-Mart. TOTALLY not the same. I CAN NOT make this bracelet -- so I'm estatic that I WON!!

Thank you again Dana!!