Monday, August 13, 2007

I WON -- I WON!!! (maybe/maybe not)

Remember this?

Well -- I remember the blog, I remember the post... but I haven't seen the prize yet. Apparently -- I'm e-mail impaired. I've replied to e-mail that I have received from the giver of this gift... but she hasn't seen my address. I wonder if my gmail is defective?

Any of you have this problem?


Is there really not a box of books? Lately -- that has been my thought. My grandma used to say -- there is proof in the pudding. Check my comments to see how many times she has asked for my mailing address -- I swear to you that I've sent it every time she has asked for it.

I wish I would have one something poopy -- like a can of cat food or something -- then I wouldn't have been so disappointed. But no -- it had to be a box of books I won. Wouldn't you know it -- I got all excited. Call me droopy loopy!