Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's Outside

Today it's raining -- things are growing like crazy around here. Green. Clean. Fresh. Including the garden. I thought I'd share some of what's happening outside.

Here is our garden from far away -- I wanted to show you what a little sunshine will do. Either that or what good seeds will do. We aren't really sure. The corn on the left is Wal-Mart seed that was planted first. See the little path down the middle... that's where the garden hose snuck through. Well -- the corn on the right was good seed covered in red stuff from an on-line friend, planted 2 weeks later. It's TALLER!! I know!! Amazing huh? Well -- it gets a bit more sunshine then the other. So I think perhaps -- sunshine is like GOLD to corn. We may have to rethink our planting order or directions next year.

This year -- for the first time -- I planted watermelons. If you know anything about Southern Iowa -- and Watermelons -- you'll know that this one is way behind. I planted them a bit late, I guess. BUT since it's my first -- I wanted to photograph it anyway. It looks full size -- but compare it to the leaves around it. It's small really... no bigger than my foot. Ü Cute little guy... I hope it develops fully before the freeze. My neighbor told me since we are down in the valley -- we'll get frost before the next guy who is up a little higher. Oh well... we'll see.

Oh -- then there is Mr. Cantaloupe. YUM... I can't wait for these to be ready!! Did I tell you that I saved the watermelon and cantaloupe seeds from fruit we bought at the grocery store last year? They were DELISH -- so I saved some of the seeds. I washed all the gunk off. Set them up on top of the fridge on a paper towel to dry out. Put them into a zip lock baggie and labeled them -- you know -- in case I didn't recognize a water melon seed. Then this spring -- I planted them. I saved a LOT -- but I didn't plant that many. I did 2 hills of each kind. They are spreading every where. Next spring I'm going to plant them in our front yard -- so we won't have to mow. HA HA!! OK -- not that funny... but really -- they are going crazy! Only 4 plants and they are EVERY WHERE!

Oh -- and my Echinacea plant. I planted 2... only took photos of 1 because one got week whacked! It came back -- but it's not as big as this one. Can you see the plants laying down on the job in the back ground? Yeah -- those slackers. Well -- the echinacea hasn't bloomed yet -- but I'm thinking there is one bloom on it... see that? It's still green. Right above that dandelion. YIKES... I need to weed. That was before all this rain -- they will be taking over if I don't get out there soon. I'm curious as to what color the flowers will be -- hopefully we will be able to see these before the frost too.

That's about it -- all the rest is sort of puny and weedy. Or ugly.

The potatoes are about ready to be dug up -- but you know... it's raining. I think I'll let them dry out a bit. Dan mentioned them rotting. YIKES!! That would be a bummer... my 12yo is learning how to make some awesome garlic, buttery mashed potatoes. YUM!! We could use those potatoes this winter. So pray they don't rot!
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