Monday, August 27, 2007

Princess err... Prince?

Danielle really loves to play with Wayne. Wayne really doesn't mind hanging with Danielle either. When Danielle went to spend the night with Grandpa and Grandma at a rodeo, then come home the next morning... she was one of the person's he missed. He come to me in the kitchen and ask, "Where's Danielle?"

So -- he follows her lead a lot.

Like -- playing Princess... we really need to get him a PRINCE outfit.. don't we. He's going to love these photos when he is 16. Well -- he may be cool enough by then to blow it off... really when I should show these is when he is 10. Oh man... he'll be so embarrased then... that's TOTALLY not cool when you are 10.

At first I was like, TAKE THAT OFF!! YUCK...

But as I watched him playing in that dress... he was NOT in any way affected by the clothes he was wearing.

He was ALL MAN!! HE still ran bowl legged, and didn't mind that he had on only 1 slipper... and he didn't notice in the least, that it didn't match his dress.

Look at the toys he chose to play with -- in his dress. MANLY TINKER TOYS!! You bet. He ran and jumped and lifted his dress up over his head.

And when I told him to put his dress down... he got a bit confused. DRESS?? ME?? I don't wear dresses? What is she talking about?? This is a dress??

Look at Danielle -- she may be able to put him in a dress -- but he still isn't a princess at heart.

"This dumb boy... doesn't he know how to be a princess??"

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