Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Girl VS. Boys

Between these trees, piled about 3 feet high, was a lot of cut wood. We are planning on burning wood for heat this winter... and just stored it here for a season to dry it out. We had planned on moving it closer to the stove before winter.

Well -- this week Dan said, "Have the kiddos move that wood today."


Who wants to do that? Not me. Would you? It was hot and sticky out, and wood is hard and pokey, heavy, dirty... lots of reasons to be lazy about it.

So -- I prayed, "Lord -- how can I get the kiddos to move that wood?"

I waited a bit, then an idea came to me.

"TORI, MANSELLLLL, MIIIIILO!" Ü They came running and all yelled, "Yes ma'am." Yeah OK -- in my dreams, but they did show up.

I issued a proclamation.

Here is the deal. Let's have a contest. Boys against girl. The team that can move the most amount of wood, in the shortest amount of time -- will win. If Tori - the girl team - wins... she'll get $1. If Mansel and Milo - the boys team - wins... they will get $.50 each.

I had to time them. I shouted "On Your MARKS, Get SEEET, GO!" Off they run. They got to work. Look at that sun shine. They really worked. I figured I had about 1 hour of computer time while they worked. I blogged about my Prince and Princess.

WHAT is that noise??? Oh -- it's a boy.. probably coming to complain. ::rolling eyes inserted here::


What?? Done????

Oh man... I get my calculator out -- 9 minutes??? 9 MINUTES!!!???!!

They were to carry the wood from between the trees over to these wood pile "pile-ers" against the wall. There were 2 sets of them. The boys piled in the front, the girl piled in the back. I believe I see more wood in the back then I do in the front.

And I have a worker. She is such a blessing... I am proud of her.

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