Thursday, November 13, 2008

We've Been Exposed

Today I took a meal to my friend, whose children have the chicken pox. When they first started getting them, you'll remember, I was on a steroid. I decided against calling her. Well last night she called ME! She heard through the grapevine that I wanted them chicken pox, and bad. (Aren't small communities the greatest?)

I took 3 of my children with me to help deliver the food. You know... I couldn't carry everything all by myself. AND Danielle HAD to take her favorite dolly with her. These 3 children haven't had chicken pox yet. Go figure.

My favorite medical book, Complete Book of Baby and Child Care, put out by Focus on the Family says;
The incubation period for chicken pox can range from 11 to 21 days, but most often the time from exposure to onset of symptoms is 14 to 16 days. A child with chicken pox is contagious one or two days before the rash erupts and continues to be so until all the blisters have crusted. This will occur five to several days after the rash first appears.

So -- that would put the chicken pox erupting at our house right... about... THANKSGIVING.


I called my sister Becky first. She's coming to my house for Thanksgiving this year. Did she want her kids exposed to that?

YES, she DOES... LOL We are such a weird family.

I'll keep you posted. I've heard of people exposing their kids on purpose -- not saying that's what I did, mind you -- but... I'm just saying... they did this and their kiddos didn't even get them.

There were hugs all around when we left their house... except Milo -- we didn't make him hug the little poky dotted girl, but he did shake her hand. LOL and there is always Danielle's doll. I might slip her in his bed tonight. Just for good measure.

11 - 21 days... and counting.