Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Something New & Something Blue

Tori has a surprise to share with you... can you see it?

Braces -- see? They let her choose what color rubber bands to put on... pink and blue. Awww... how pretty.

Now a days braces are different then they were 25 years ago. I never did wear braces, but had friends that did. Some wore big metal bands all around the entire tooth. Today they super glue a metal bracket right to the tooth. They line the brackets up so that when the teeth are straight, they will all end up in a straight line. Right now Tori's brackets on the two frong teeth are way low, see how the wire bends down.

Dan calls that spring wire, I think. The dentist told me it's wire that doesn't want to be bent, and it will straighten itself, pulling the teeth back into line. So -- her two frong teeth will end up going UP. She does have the metal band going around 2 teeth in the back. One week before the braces we went in to put spacers in.... these pushed the teeth far enough apart to put them bit metal bands around just those teeth. I can't imagine getting braces in the "olden days". Praise the Lord for medical advancements.

The third tooth from the front has a pink rubber band on it and the bracket looks like a J. In a few months her front teeth will be high enough to add braces to the bottom row. Right now her top teeth have such an over bite, they would bite off the brackets from the bottom row. So they have to move the top row first, then do the bottom row. THEN... she will have rubber bands going from the top to the bottom row of teeth to move them back and forth. They will hook on those J brackets. That's the unofficial plan. I have no idea what those things are called... it's what I'm calling them. Ü My friend Robin would know... what are they called Robin? She used to do that for a living.

The pretty pink and blue rubber bands actually are functional, they are holding the wire into the bracket. All along I thought the rubber bands were just decoration to make ugly braces cute. Live and learn.

She is taking tylenol for the pain.

Poor Baby!
We are noticing teeth a lot more then we did 1 week ago.
We probably will for the next 2 years.
Then it will be Mansel's turn.
Then Milo.
Then Danielle.
The verdict is still out on Wayne -- one can always pray!

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