Friday, November 28, 2008

Before and After

Recently Danielle was looking at some old photos in a photo album. Sitting nicely and quietly. When she was done, she left them lay on the floor. We are working on that... putting things away when you are done. She was done looking, but still thinking, apparently. She came up to me that afternoon and said, "I'd like a hair cut."

Really?? My heart starts to flutter!

So -- here is the before. Fine hair, straight on top, a little wavy curl underneath. Nothing spectacular. Long enough for pony tails, but also long enough for snarls.

Here we are after. Mom is happy, because I get to cut some HAIR! Ü

Really now, this wasn't my idea.

I asked her why she wanted it cut, while we were looking at the new photo. She said, "Oh, I saw how cute I was in the photo album, I wanted to look like that again." LOL She's so vain... I wonder where she got that?

I need a little make up here... and a little hair product, and a little botox... but you get the idea. We girls love our short hair and we love our picture taken. :blush:

Then... since we don't live in a house with all girls... someone took the cut off hair, which was still in a pony tail and TAPED it to Wayne's head. They are a crazy bunch!!

I don't have ANY idea where they get that from. :snort: Oh... I beg your pardon. (and I did NOT take that photo. Poor baby... they taped it right to his hair!)
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