Thursday, November 6, 2008

Octopus Hot Dog

Recently I went to my friend Debra's house for lunch. She is such a sweet friend. She is preggo, and having all day sickness. The only meal she keeps down is lunch. So lunch it was. She told me we'd be having Octopus Hot Dogs. So -- that's what I told the kiddos. Ü We had quite a discussion about octopus hot dogs. Do I have to clean my plate if I don't really like hot dogs made of octopus? Will she give me just a little serving to try first? What do I say to her if I don't like the octopus hot dog.
I'm such a mean mom! But how could I pass up that character lesson just waiting to happen?

Aren't they CUTE??

They LOVED their hot dogs SHAPED like Octopi. Look at Danielle's look of RELIEF!!

Fun was had by all.

She made her and I a delicious tortilla with beans, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. I've got a new lunch idea for myself. Delish!
We played the piano together.
We chatted!
The kids played!
We all had fun Debra! Thanks for the lunch.
You are being a good mom, and we look forward to meeting the new addition soon!
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