Thursday, November 20, 2008

Local Friends Cell Phone Usage

I know I have some local readers... Knoxville, Russel, Lacona, Dallas... anyone from Attica or Columbia? I think I HAVE seen Columbia readers on here before.

I've got a Local Question.

What Cell Phone Service Provider to you use?

We are currently U.S. Cellular users. We get BARS out here in the boonies with them.

Do you use another provider?

I got something in the mail today from Verizon. I don't see Knoxville listed in their coverage area. The state of Iowa is all RED... but when it gets down to specifics... there are not any close towns listed. What does that mean? There isn't close SERVICE, but there will be coverage? I can always order a phone and a plan on-line, but will I be able to use the phone at my house? That's what I want. To be able to USE the phone. LOL

What other company is there? Verizon has those cool NETWORK commercials. I know of U.S. Cellular... is there another?

Oh SISTERS... my SISTERS who read this blog... you have brought your phones into my house and used them... you've had bars at my house... what service provider to YOU use?

Talk to me people! °Ü°