Friday, November 7, 2008

Wood Heat Part 1

We heat our house with wood in the winter. The heat starts out looking like this. ACTUALLY... it starts out as a dead tree. We find them. Dan cuts them down with a chain saw. He then cuts them up into lengths that will fit into our wood furnace. If it is 4" thick or less... it's burnable right then. If it is wider... then it must be split. This is a pile of wood that needs to be split. We load all of these unto the "green wood truck", and bring it home. The burnable stuff gets piled into this pole barn where it stays dry until it's time to be used to heat the house.

The stuff that gets split gets piled just outside of the pole barn, where we do the splitting. I say WE loosely.

Say hello to the splitter. Dan got this used somewhere.. it's home made. It'll do.

One has to lift the wood up unto the splitter. Sometimes two have to do the lifting. Dan really lifts and I steer when they are HUGE. It gets balanced on the rail, then a hydraulic piston pushes the heavy log into the wedge. The wedge then splits the wood, most of the time. If it doesn't split... just wait until it gets very cold outside. Then the wood splits nicely. The splitter eliminates the need for an ax. Praise the Lord!


To be Continued.
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