Saturday, November 1, 2008

We are Proud Of YOU!

One of the deciding factors -- when choosing a church -- was how the Preacher's kids behaved.

I know, pretty superficial... not something parents can always control -- but really... I was watching. I've got 5 kiddos -- I'm a parent -- I need all the help I can get. So -- if the preacher's kids are out of control, then... well -- this sounds selfish -- but how will I benefit from that?

Well -- our Preacher's kids are something that we can be proud of. Not a sinful "look at me" pride. But a Hooray! We are giving glory to GOD sort of pride! Is there such a thing? Work with me here. I love how Pastor Curt and his wife Connie parent. They are definately a couple we should use as models when parenting our own children.

Daniel is a godly young man - who walks tall with Jesus. He leads a Bible Study for his peers. He plays football to the best of his ability (and beyond, sometimes = can you say head injuries?). He rises up EARLY and makes breakfast more days then I do. Well -- that's not true since I do it every day. He does get up way earlier than I and fix breakfast SOME days. He keeps silly kids in the youth group in line. He shakes hands with my short boys. He helps out at the middle school in his spare time.


His peers choose him to be the
2008 Homecoming King.

He hasn't compromised, and his peers recognize that and chose to honor him with that title.

Congratulations Daniel!

We ARE proud of you!
Stay close to Jesus -- because that's the only way you know... the only way!
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