Sunday, November 30, 2008

We've Got'em

We had a great thanksgiving Week.

Well -- let me rephrase that.

Most of us had a great thanksgiving week. I think 5 year old Danielle may think this is the Thanksgiving Week from somewhere hot and smelly.

First of all -- I scheduled her a dentist appointment on Monday -- what was I thinking? She had 5 cavities filled that day. Poor baby... she did GREAT! As she went in they said they would do the work in 2-3 visits. But when she walked out -- most of her mouth numb... they said they went ahead and filled all 5 because she was doing such a great job.

Then Thursday she broke her leg while jumping on the trampoline. Someone fell one her leg. It could have been worse. If the trampoline hadn't of "given" it could have been worse. So she has a "non-displaced cracked tibia." They didn't have to "set" it. She will get her permanent cast on Tuesday.


because remember about 16 days ago I exposed her to chicken pox? Well -- it was successful. Last night we discovered her first spots at bath time. She wasn't even complaining about feeling sick or anything. That girl is SUCH a trooper. I'm amazed. Talk about stress. Her little body just keeps getting hammered with "stuff". She could use some prayers, if you think of her this week. Of course I'm a glutton for punishment... Milo and Wayne are forced to share her cup today. We might as well get it all over with now.