Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Because!

I love photos -- especially of the kiddos.

Just in case Grandpa and Grandma are looking at this -- I'll post a few here. Ü

Oh -- the wild child. He LOVES to be outside. He really cries -- big alligator tears, when we make him come inside. I'm sure that's a training issue... but who cares? I love it that he loves the outdoors.

Ooooww... my little princess. She's s thumb sucker you know. She didn't feel good this day. So she was lounging around. This week -- we were out at a restaurant -- and she didn't feel good. I told her she didn't have to eat. She said, "OK." Long pause... "but Mom? Can I suck my thumb?"

Awww... good grief. Who could resist that? Normally our rule is no sucking your thumb unless you are in your bedroom. But you know -- if you are sick and you ask politely... just maybe I'll say OK! ;)

The preschooler was watching daddy clean the fish the other day. Look at that interested face. Wow! I betcha he will be doing the cleaning before long. He's a good hard worker. One of a kind... well -- actually he's a duplicate of his daddy. But our only one so far. The other unlucky ones are just lazy slugs like their mother. LOL

Who didn't fix the red - eye first? Oh -- I guess that would be me. Sorry about that!

The grappler -- he's standing here with his friend. Just a few months older. Genetics plays quite a part in their make up. Boy -- when you have short parents... it sure sucks to have tall friends. LOL This boy -- he's a good kid! My 7yo really likes him.

Then last but not least. This is the 11yo with her little sister. They had matching outfits for Easter. CUTE!! Probably the last year I can get them to do that. So I'll cherish this photo forever! Well -- that's a long, long time. I'll just cherish it for a really long time... how's that!

We get to go to a mother daughter banquet together -- I think I'll try to get them to wear them again!

THANKS for bearing with me. Photos of my kiddos -- one of my favorite things to blog about!