Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SIGH... I've been Tagged AGAIN!?!


Seven things you don't know about me. Hmm... let's see -- didn't I just do this? Well -- apparently not. I don't see it here anywhere. Ah ha... I found it. HERE. ;) Well -- that was 4 months ago -- different blog... I could just repeat them. HA HA... but I may a faithful reader(s) that just might recognize those.

Plus -- I have to add one more. Seven things. Hmm... I'm such a blabber mouth - is there anything you don't know about me? Not a blabber mouth -- I prefer to call it "transparent". ;)

OK -- here goes.

1. I'm a counter. We have 15 stairs, but I like to count to 12 and start over. 12 is my favorite counting number. Usually my kids know how to count to 12 instead of 10. I count steps a lot. I recently discovered that my mom is a counter too.

2. I'd rather read a book in the bathtub than shave my legs in the bathtub.

3. I pour 2" of French Vanilla creamer in my coffee. That's gotta be good for me.

4. I once wore a jean skirt that snapped all the way up -- it also unsnapped all the way down... I can attest to that, because while standing and chatting with the cutest boy in the youth group, my rival... um... best friend pulled on my skirt really hard and it came all the way off. Hmmm... I can't remember if I had holes in my underwear or not -- I've blocked the sprint away from the handsome dude totally from my mind. Why was I her friend? Yeah -- I blocked that from my mind too.

5. I love playing the piano really loud and singing just as loud. I often do that to relieve stress right before dinner time. My family loves that. Well -- my 20mo wild child loves he... he dances to my singing/playing!

6. If I ever get fit, I'd love to wear dresses like they wear in Sense and Sensiblity. Somedays I'd only wear a white "shift" with an apron. That would be so free and cool... You Apron Maidens -- just keep your trap shut! Ya hear... LOL

7. I'm in charge of the Mother Daughter Dinner -- and I edited this becuase I was convicted of my own grumbling. Ü

Yeah -- transparent... that's a good word for it.

THANKS April! I sure feel better now. Sort of like a therapy session -- only free. Ü

Let's see... whom can I tag? I'll just put my blind fold on here... and point.

1. Keer
2. Dawn
3. Kirky
4. Sunny
6. Wendy
8. Rechelle

Off to leave a few comments. Ü