Saturday, April 7, 2007


Today -- we went a hunting.

We put on our layers. Grabbed our mittens... mustn't forget our hats. It's cold out ya know.

One must be prepared -- for an East Egg Hunt.

The little wild child was so bundled up that he couldn't even gather his eggs he found -- all he could do was search. But he'd sniff them out -- I'd pick it up for him and deposit it in his basket.

We went to the small town of Attica for this romp through the meadow. They were ever so prepared -- when I got out I was asked, "Are you Skeeter's friend?" Well -- sure. I guess Skeeter called and said his friend would be bringing 5 kiddos to the Egg Gathering. That was me... not many families with 5 small kids leave the house all together these days. We stick out like a sore thumb. One of the first things they declared was, "We've got 700 eggs out there." I guess they wanted to reassure themselves that there would be plenty to go around -- as I was unloading my van full of circus clowns in snow clothes. Ü We got to go inside for instructions, introductions, and a bucket.

The kidlets 5 and under went into a fenced in area to search for gold -- I mean candy filled eggs -- and the older kiddos got to run all around the outside of the building for their treasures. The snow clothes were so cumbersome for this clown in the tall grass that she tripped and fell -- dumping her LOAD. So we all stood around and waited and snapped photos while she re-loaded.

My 5yo BOY would point out the pink ones to my 3yo GIRL, because -- you know... pink is a girl color. LOL

My 7yo's buckets filled up at a quicker rate then the 1 10/12's year old, so we quickly swapped out buckets and he went back for more.

All in all -- it was a worth while 15 minutes of pleasure. We tromped back to the Easter Bunny and said a big Thank You!! Posed for a snapshot then left. As we were driving home, my oldest mentioned that some gum she snagged was FROZEN. I'm so glad the hunt only lasted 15 minutes.

What I'm most thrilled about is that although my kiddos LUV candy -- and they don't mind running around in below freezing weather looking for it -- they really and truly know that this weekend we remember Resurrection Sunday, and that candy does not bring them closer to God. But it can be a great reminder to Thank our Lord and Saviour for sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins.